QR Code Tour – Geese and Chicken Pictures

Meet our Geese 

Lizzie and Clyde are our resident geese. Clyde came to us when the elderly couple he lived with passed away. Lizzie was transferred from another rescue and they have become very close. Clyde has orange feet and a wattle. Lizzie has black and orange feet and her neck is smooth. Note not all residents are pictured

Meet our Chickens

Red along with many of our chickens came to us when bear attacks wiped out the rest of the flock. The owners no longer wished to keep chickens and luckily Red found her way to us. Note not all residents are pictured. 



Chickaletta was found in a cat carrier dumped on the side of the road. Without rescue she would have succumbed to dehydration and starvation.



Sandra came to us from the church pastor cruelty case. *A note about cruelty cases: Many of our animals have come from them. They have faced severe traumas, from being starved, loosing limbs due to infection and neglect, being locked in barns with no sunlight, living up to their knees in excrement, and to having to cannibalize the corpses of other animals that had scrummed to starvation. Whenever possible action was taken against the perpetrators of these crimes.The sad reality is there is little protection for animals especially animals that are farmed.