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Meet our goat friends 

Meet Bob our friendly ambassador. Bob came to us from an elderly couple who could no loner care for him. They gave him a kiss on his forehead every morning, a tradition which we happily continue. Note not all residents are pictured

This is Booboo our tallest goat. Bobo was tied to a tree for the first 6 years of his life. A neighbor  having pity, rescued him. Bobo repaid him by chewing some wires in his carport and started a fire. That is when he came to live with us. Bobo love to get up to mischief!

Shorty is our smallest goat. He was found abandoned on Bull mountain. He would not have survived long by himself. Luckily he was rescued and will spend the rest of his days with us.


You may wonder why one goat is separated from the rest of the herd. That is Midnight. She can play a little too roughly, and needs to be separated during visiting hours. Most of the time she is free to roam with the rest or the herd. She loves having her own hay rack that no one gets to eat. 

This is Juno. He was born here on property. All animals are spayed or neutered when they come to live here. However his mother, since passed, was pregnant already. He was a tiny thing that appeared on the hillside one morning. 


This is Petunia (dark brown) and Penny (copper) they were being used to produce goat milk and weren’t producing enough milk to justify the cost of keeping them. Luckily they were surrendered to us, usually they would have been slaughtered. Sadly, we do not know what happened to their babies. They are intensely bonded and sleep with their necks curled around each other. 


This is Hector. He is the oldest goat we have estimated to be over 17. He has been living happily here for most of the time Animal Haven has been around! He was abandoned and found wandering.


This is Fifi she and her kid Bambi were abandoned then surrendered to us. When they came to Animal Haven they were both very ill and infested with parasites. Bambi was a tiny at the time. 

 This is Bambi, Fifi’s kid. Bambi came to us very tiny, and loved to sit in laps. 

Dusty came to us from a cruelty case in Madison County with Duff. Duff is lives in a different pasture with other friends. *A note about cruelty cases: Many of our animals have come from them. They have faced severe traumas, from being starved, loosing limbs due to infection and neglect, being locked in barns with no sunlight, living up to their knees in excrement, and to having to cannibalize the corpses of other animals that had scrummed to starvation. Whenever possible action was taken against the perpetrators of these crimes.The sad reality is there is little protection for animals especially animals that are farmed.

Kaluha was an owner surrender.