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Welcome to Animal Haven’s virtual tour

We are so happy you are here. Animal Haven was founded in May of 2000 by Barbara Bellows and Trina Hudson. The property’s previous owner generously gifted 10 acres of land to a non-profit focused on animal welfare. Animal Haven was born: a home for abused and abandoned animals.

As you enter the sanctuary please speak gently to our inhabitants and refrain from running as it may scare them. See that all gates are firmly closed After you go through them. You are welcome to explore the property at your own pace. QR codes are located in various places around the farm to give you information about our residents. For your own safety please do not go through gates that are marked “Do Not Enter” and/or are locked.

This is a sanctuary, not a petting zoo. Many of our animals come from traumatic situations and do not want to be touched. Please use discernment and care. Avoid touching a goat on or around its horns as this can be dangerous.